Steps to access the online training

You do NOT have to pay $130/$350 again. Follow the steps to get access.

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So this completes the steps for accessing the training the first time.

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Note: Only watch this video if your access code was not applied automatically in the above video. Otherwise, you may skip this video.

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Note: This step is not for first-time access.
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Visit any one of the following links:
Enter the email id and password (the one you set during the training account creation process) to log into your training account and then access the training. You will see your training listed on the training website.

We offer a 'no questions asked' refund of your full payment for the first 10 days since the date of payment for training that does not include a kit. These training are:

  1. Voice Apps Training
  2. Web Development Training
  3. Augmented Reality Training

And 10 days from the delivery of the kit for training that includes a kit. These training are:

  1. Online Training on Internet of Things & Machine Learning
  2. Online Training on Robotics & Arduino
Visit the following link for more details: