Bolt IoT Snippet Challenge Submission


Last date of submission: 31st of October, 2021

Note before you submit your code:

  1. Only 1 person can build and submit their codes, multiple entries with the same code/interface will be disqualified. Make sure your code and interface are unique.
  2. If the code snippet is an HTML file, the CSS and JS scripts need to be inline. For example, use <style> for CSS and <script >...all functions…</script> for JS.
  3. Only the snippets that directly work in the Bolt cloud will be accepted.
  4. You can resubmit your updated code in case you have made changes by the end of the last date.
  5. Do try the code by yourself on the platform before you submit the code. Any code that doesn’t work on the platform will not be accepted.
  6. Use of custom functions, or those present in to write the code is permitted.
  7. Using part of a code present as open-source on the internet is allowed.
  8. Code Snippets that are copied from other users or projects won’t be accepted.

How to submit the project?

  1. Create a folder.
  2. Copy all your code files, images, and other assets in the newly created folder.
  3. Zip or compress that folder.
  4. Attach the zip in the 'Snippet Challenge project assets' section.
  5. Fill in the other fields in the form and click on Submit.

What are the rules for the competition?

Click here for the rules of the competition.