Get an Internship on

IoT and ML 

Bolt is offering its Internet of Things and Machine Learning training for FREE to students who qualify the test. The students only need to purchase the hardware.

Please ensure that you answer the test right away before the seats under the scholarship program are exhausted.

Delaying answering this test could mean missing the opportunity. 


Get an ASSURED INTERNSHIP upon training completion. 



The details of the scholarship are as below:

Benefits of the scholarship

1. The students who qualify will get the IoT and ML training for FREE. The regular price of this training is Rs.9,600/-. The students only need to spend on the hardware kit worth Rs.2,750/- required to build hands-on projects.
2. The training content, hardware kit, support and certification will be the same as that offered in the regular training worth Rs.9,600/-


Eligibility criteria

1. This scholarship is only applicable to students from India.
2. Only the first 100 students who qualify and avail the scholarship will be eligible. 
3. After 100 students avail the scholarship, this program will be discontinued. Hence we recommend you take the scholarship test right away.


About the test

1. The scholarship test has 10 questions on the topics related to concepts typically covered in the 1st year.
2. You must score 7 or more marks to be qualified for the scholarship.
3. Each question will have a time limit of 1 minute to answer. The total test will be completed in not more than 10 minutes.