Bolt IoT and ML Innovation Challenge

What are the steps for the Bolt IoT and ML Innovation Challenge?

Step1: Answer a scholarship test to qualify for participating in the competition. The qualifying students will also get the IoT and ML training for FREE. You only need to purchase the necessary hardware kit required to build the hands-on projects during the training as well as the competition. To answer the scholarship click on the 'start test now' button below.

Step 2: Our team of developers will train you on the concepts of IoT and ML via online video training.

Step 3: You have to build an innovative project in the area of IoT or ML by applying the learnings of the training.

Step 4: The winners will be judged by engineers who have worked at prestigious organisations like Amazon.


Why should you participate?

Learning opportunity: Learn IoT and ML for FREE and pay only for the hardware kit required to build various hands-on projects as part of the training and competition.

Certification: Get a certificate of training completion.


What are the Prizes for the students?

1st Place: Cash prize of Rs.30,000/-

2nd Place: Cash prize of Rs.20,000/-

3rd Place: Cash prize of Rs.10,000/-

Consolation prizes: 2 Amazon Echo Dots


Eligibility criteria

1. This scholarship is only applicable to students from India.
2. Only the first 100 students who qualify and avail the scholarship will be eligible. Beyond this the students can participate in the competition by paying the full amount of Rs.9,600/-.
3. We recommend you take the scholarship test right away.


About the test

1. The scholarship test has 10 questions on the topics related to concepts typically covered in the 1st year.
2. You must score 7 or more marks to be qualified for the scholarship.
3. Each question will have a time limit of 1 minute to answer. The total test will be completed in not more than 10 minutes.