Automated Server Room & Data Center Monitoring

Server Rooms are prone to failures and even fires caused by overheating and the resulting damage can be catastrophic for your business.

Once temperatures rise beyond a certain threshold, data centres could experience heat-induced failure of hardware and server components; a huge cost to companies.

At the same time, too little temperature and humidity inside your data center is not only unnecessary, but will cost your business money.

How can we solve this?

Wouldn’t it be great if your Data Center had an early warning system that alerted you when temperatures and humidity reached the danger levels?

Solution: Automated Monitoring
  • Blake is a temperature and humidity monitor that collects data at regular intervals and alerts you about any fluctuations detected in your data center environment. 
  • The sensors are completely autonomous and connect directly to the network through WiFi or GSM which means there’s no need for additional components such as transmitters or gateways.
  • You can remotely log into your dashboard from anywhere to see how each sensor is performing.
  • Data visualisation to get quick insights.
  • You can also download the data in the format of your choice such as Excel, CSV, Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, Plotly and many other ways and then add it to your reports.
  • Set up alerts over SMS, Phone Call, E-mail, Slack etc. to take timely action.
  • With status alerts, you can also monitor if your Server room is powered up and connected to the Internet.

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