Decathlon’s Innovation Lab Internship Opportunity


Brief introduction

Decathlon invites students of Bolt IoT to apply for an internship program with the potential to convert into a full-time job opportunity.

Eligibility criteria and details of the one-month internship

A. Only the students selected by Bolt IoT are eligible for the internship program. Student will get an email OR WhatsApp regarding the same. It says email OR WhatsApp. Either one is fine. Students may get any-one i.e. either e-mail or WhatsApp.

Please note that the student has to complete the training by Bolt IoT and generate the training completion certificate to be eligible to apply for this program.

You should have joined our IoT and ML, Python Programming, Artificial Intelligence Training or Robotics Training.


B. Eligibility for the internship certificate.

  1. While this is a work-from-home internship, we expect students to put in sincere efforts.
  2. Every student who satisfactorily submits the working prototype will be eligible for a internship certificate. This is a guaranteed internship program.
    1. Note that the internship certificate will be offered only upon submission of the prototype of the project.
    2. Participating in the internship does not automatically qualify for the internship certificate.
    3. No certificate will be issued if the student fails to share the project prototype in a satisfactory manner.
    4. Be assured that the team at Bolt IoT is there to guide and help students during the process over the online forum.
    5. Overall, we want to ensure that every student who puts in a sincere effort gets the certificate. However, especially since this is a work-from-home internship, we do not want the students to expect that certificate will be issued without any effort.
    6. The prototype should be in line with the problem statement shared by Decathlon Sports India.

C. Group participation

The internship can be done in a Group of up to a maximum of three members. However, each member should be eligible for the internship program.


Full-time internship opportunity

  • Some of the top-performing students will be eligible for a full-time internship and/or a job opportunity at Decathlon Sports India.
  • Decathlon Sports India has the right to not select any student for the internship or offer a full-time job if they do not find any student of a suitable calibre.


Problem statement

As part of the internship, you are tasked with brainstorming Innovative Ideas for Decathlon to explore and potentially Implement by the year 2030.

Students are encouraged to think creatively and expansively, not just within the realm of sports, but also in various areas such as sustainability, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, personalised products and services, community-building, health and wellness, urban mobility, gamification, innovative store formats, and cross-industry collaborations.

The goal is to generate forward-thinking concepts that could help Decathlon stay ahead of the curve and continue to meet the evolving needs and preferences of its customers.

While students have the freedom to choose your own problem statement, it's important to consider a few must-haves before finalising on one. These critical factors can help ensure that your problem statement is well-defined, relevant, and impactful:

  • A clearly defined problem: Ensure that the problem statement clearly defines the issue that you aim to address.
  • Relevance to Decathlon: Consider how the problem statement relates to Decathlon's mission, values, and business goals.
  • Feasibility: Ensure that the problem statement is feasible and realistic.
  • Impact: Consider the potential impact of the solution on various stakeholders and the broader society.



  • To be eligible for the internship certificate, students must complete the training and submit the prototype before the 30th of September, 2023.


Rights to the project and prototype developed

Decathlon Sports India will own the rights to any project developed and submitted as part of the internship. This is inline with any internship students may pursue where the employer owns the right to the project developed as part of the internship.


Contact us

  • In case of any queries, please post them on
  • The team at Bolt IoT as well as the team at Decathlon Innovation Lab India will be monitoring the questions and will be available to reply to students.
  • Do not contact about the internship via any other means, as the messages may go unanswered.


Action required from students interested in applying for the internship


Share the opportunity with your friends/students

You can share this information with any interested student via WhatsApp using this link: Click here to share via WhatsApp.