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Important point:

  • 🗳    Make sure you post your query in the right forum based on the training to avoid delays in query resolution.

  • 🔎    Before posting your query, do use the search option, it may be possible that someone has already answered your question.

  • ✅    We respond to the queries on the forum within one working day.

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List of Forums based on the training:

  1. Online Training on Internet of Things and Machine Learning

  2. Voice Apps Online Training

  3.  Advanced IoT and ML Training
    🏷    Important: Post your query by adding a tag boltcloudpro. The tag serves 2 purposes:
        🗄    One is that it helps us identify the training this query belongs to.
        🗂    Two, very importantly, it helps students like you to be able to track queries regarding the training.

  4. Web Development Training

  5. Augmented Reality Training.