Share your ideas and help the Bolt IoT community!

We are excited to launch the live user-led sessions.

As part of this, we invite you to share your ideas and learnings with the Bolt IoT community.

📅 Note on choosing a date for the event

a. We already have speakers scheduled for the next month. Please choose a date of one month or later.

b. You may choose a date up to 3 months later.

c. You may request a change of date up to 15 days in advance. So you can register as a speaker without any hesitation.

🧐 How does it work?

  • You register with the topic you wish to speak on. Fill the form on this page to register.
  • You may speak in any language of your choice. Let us know over WhatsApp in advance if your language is anything other than English.
  • Your session could be of length between 20 mins to 40 mins.
  • You may speak on any topic of your choice.
  • Also, share the date and time of the event.
  • 😀 This will be a very casual event, so make sure you have fun.

💡 A few topic ideas

  • Give a demo of the project you built on Bolt and step by step tutorial to make it.
  • Conduct a session on a small step of Bolt, such as Interfacing LDR and plotting the data on the cloud.
  • Conduct a session on connecting the Bolt WiFi module to Cloud with Android or iOS.
  • Organise a co-working session where the users go through the training content and code together.
  • Do not be limited by the above suggestions. We are also open to hearing any ideas of your choice.

🦾 Your responsibilities:

  1. Plan for the content
  2. Prepare the slides or demo
  3. Demonstrate the project and tutorial
  4. Manage the event
  5. Promote the event via a post on
  6. Post about the event on your personal social media channels. Tag @boltiot for us to re-share

⚡️ What Bolt IoT will offer:

  1. Provide a Zoom link for the participants to join
  2. Promote the event via email to the users, Sharing your social media post on our channels
  3. The event will be added to the monthly event calendar.
  4. We will offer you a certificate if your session gets a feedback rating of 3 or more out of 5.

😎 Other details:

  1. You are free to promote your own YouTube, Twitter or any other social media channel during this event.
  2. If you wish to promote any paid or free product or service, third party website etc then in most cases we should be fine with it. Just check with us in advance about it.

🤙 In case of any queries, please WhatsApp us on (+91)8881197198. Since this is a WhatsApp Business account, do mention that your query is about 'Community-lead session.'